Saturday, January 12, 2008

In The Spirit

Happy Saturday, everyone!

It is Deutlich, once again, stepping in as a guest blogger.

Now, in the spirit of traveling, I figured I'd ask all of you lovelies out in the Blogosphere the following question:

What was your absolute best & worst travel experience?

1, 2, 3...GO!


Anonymous said...

Best: Galapagos Islands for our honeymoon. Amazing, amazing place. And dude! Honeymoon!

Worst: Paris for New Years Eve 2000. Ugh. For more details, I wrote about that awful, awful trip on my blog just this past NYE in a rant about how much I hate NYE...

Princess Pointful said...

Best-- Having a sudden flip into reality and realizing I was swimming in a waterfall in Costa Rica.

Worst-- Being 18, with my 15 year old sister, just having been dropped off at the Ottawa bus depot after at least 30 hours on the bus since our last stop in Winnipeg. But where are our bags? And why are the employees such jerks? And how are we going to get them back when we don't have cell phones, and we are only in Ottawa tonight, then Montreal, then New Brunswick? Gah.
(our strategy was to cry)

Buffy said...

Lucky that I've had too many best to count.

Worst...sitting for five hours on the tarmac for a 7 hour US Airways flight.

Then having to do the same thing for 4 hours on the return trip.

I have not been persuaded to travel with them since. Despite my airmiles.