Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Tribute to Froggy

So my darling Froggy asked me to do a guest spot.

I thought long and hard about what to write...

Now if any of you read my blog (if not please do! I love surprise guests!) you know that I'm on the girly end of the spectrum, and at the moment I'm dipping my toes into some massive work overtime. However, it didn't seem appropriate to write about that- this is Froggy's blog after all! So I decided to a post about....Froggy!

I am pleased to say that I magically found Froggy right when she started her blog and I have read every post she's ever written. I can't say that about ANYone else. *Special thanks to the Company Bitch, who seems to be on hiatus, for bringing me and Froggy together.

I have to confess I do seek out other princesses. If you look at my link list I have quite a few of them on there.

What do I love about Froggy? The way she writes so simply, yet is so completely engaging. I was absolutely absorbed in her saga with Maybe Crush (currently known as B). I still have some very strong feelings on that whole situation. Yet, she can also write a post like the one about her love for New York ( I would love to link, but not sure I can via this means of posting), which has me completely enamoured with the idea of living there. And the paper that she's wring about Body Image...well I dutifully did my homework and sent in my thoughts. I can't wait to read how that all turned out.

Even from the beginning when she was writing about moving out of her old place with terrible roommates into a new place with some questionable plumbing situations- I was always dying to know what happened next. I don't think I have that with any other blog that I read.

So that is why I did a little dance of joy when a) she added me to her link list and b) sent me the email to do a guest post.

Would I be engaging enough? Would I measure up to the standards that all her readers have come to expect from a Froggy post?

I did my best! Thanks for tuning in!

I heart you my amphibious Princess.
Come back to us soon!


UPDATE: Since I wrote this post a couple of days ago, exciting things have happened! I got an award! And I'm passing it on to Froggy! Yay!


Princess of the Universe said...

Hmm, apparently I didn't give myself credit here...Hi! I wrote the post!

Jess said...

I'm glad you commented because I was seriously wondering if that was intentional mystery or what. Anyway, sweet post!

Anonymous said...

Great job Princess

P.S- you should have used spell check. LOL

Princess Pointful said...

Yay for Princesses!!