Friday, February 29, 2008

Age ain't nothin' but a number...

This afternoon I got hit on by an 8th grader.


Let me back up a bit... This morning I had the joy of trekking all the way out to South Ozone Park, which is, how you say? FAR. AWAY. I often forget how large New York City really is, until I am called upon to traverse its byways to the far edges of the boroughs, which is precisely where SOP lies. Let's just call it the ass-edge of Queens.

Today marked the first performance of the semester for my outreach program, and so the 12 of us made our way out to PS ### to perform a one-hour version of "The Tempest" for a bunch of 7th and 8th graders.

After each of these performances we give a "talk-back," giving the kids a chance to ask questions about the play, the process, the actors, etc. We began this morning's talk-back by going down the line and introducing ourselves, and after I said my name I heard a "Hey Froggy..." echo back from the audience in a very "How YOU doin'?", Joey Tribiani kinda way.

I located the perpetrator, a very self-assured (and not unattractive) young man sitting near the front.

I laughed.

After we finished and the kids were leaving I was talking with one of the faculty members when I heard it again.

"Hey Froggy!"

I looked down and the same kid, surrounded by his buddies, was smiling and waving at me.

So I waved back. His friends promptly began laughing and shoving him around, and then some girl started yelling at him, so it seems that perhaps a bit of jealousy was inspired by yours truly.

Needless to say, I was amused.

I turned back to the faculty member to laugh about what had just happened and she says "Yeah, he's kinda the bad boy of the school..."

So it seems that my jackass magnet is still functioning in full force, even when the boy in question is quite literally half my age.

But I can't lie, I was still kinda flattered :)

And that was probably the highlight of my day. This afternoon I spent nearly 2 hours in line at the Social Security office (because unlike the rest of America, those of us residing in Brooklyn, Queens, Phoenix, and Las Vegas are not allowed to apply for a replacement Social Security card by mail). And then, after all that waiting, I find out that they will MAIL ME THE CARD. Seriously, what the fuck?? You people don't have a printer? There has *got* to be a better system.

So to calm myself down I came home and made a lovely dinner. Since I know nothing brings people out of the woodwork like pictures of food, I shall indulge you :)

Clockwise from top: Peeled, diced Roma tomatoes; Sliced green and black olives; Diced onion; Chopped garlic; Capers (rinsed).

Sensing a theme here? Clearly I enjoy making sauces. Also, thanks to the wonder that is Photoshop, I was able to make my stove look a whole lot cleaner than it is! Score!!

I really should eat like this more often. Also, I solved the too-dark photo issue. Hoorah!

After dinner I also baked cookies, but alas there are no pictures. I'll have to take them to my rehearsal tomorrow, as I really don't need 40 oatmeal/coconut/butterscotch/currant cookies in my house.

And that... is all she wrote. I need to go plan for my rehearsal tomorrow, as it has been quite some time since I wore the directorial cap, and I need to figure out my game plan.

Enjoy the weekend kids! Any big plans?


Anonymous said...

My big plan is to start a blog. Thanks(?), Miss Froggy, you have inspired me.

the frog princess said...

I almost never respond to comments, but felt the need to make an exception because Hi Anonymous! I am ridiculously flattered!

Man oh man, getting hit on by adolescents and inspiring a new blogger. My ego is just getting stroked from all sorts of directions today!

Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

"So it seems that my jackass magnet is still functioning in full force, even when the boy in question is quite literally half my age."

*cracks up* Aw Froggy, I love you. I was wondering where you were today!

Deutlich said...