Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Greetings from currently-overcast Pennsylvania!

Thanks so much for the warm thoughts after my last post. You are all fabulous!

To answer a few questions: I have no idea if there is a severance package, but there had damned well better be! My grad school schedule was part and parcel to the deal when I was hired, I made no secret of it. Therefore this is entirely on their heads.

Second, I don't want another job in this industry. The entire reason I am in grad school in the first place is so that I never have to set foot in another corporate office as long as I live. Hence my previously referring to my job as "just filler"... for which, incidentally, I believe the employment-gods are now punishing me. Damnit.

Also, as all of this was launched on me in 2 minutes before my boss went on a conference call that lasted until I left the office on Friday and headed off to PA, I will not have an opportunity to get any answers to my questions until I return to the office on Thursday.


I've got some feelers out with one of my professors who knows everyone (and I do mean everyone) in my intended field to see if anyone wouldn't mind hiring a girl who will be out of the country for 2 months this summer. I also asked Cute Boy From Class (who really needs a better nickname) about the catering company he works for and was rewarded with a very long list of names and companies, so I can get started on that when I return as well.

Thus far my visit to PA has been lovely and relaxing. I really appreciate the relationship I have with my parents, where I can pop home for a few days and just relax. I don't feel the need to "entertain" them, nor they me. We just chill.

Saturday I went shopping with my mom and made a killing at Old Navy. Sweaters for $6 each? Yes please! I also picked up two new pairs of shoes. I know, I know, soon-to-be-unemployed girls probably shouldn't spend money on shoes, but they were $15 and $10 respectively, and at least one pair can be worn to the multitude of weddings I have to attend in the coming year.

Saturday night my parents and I drank way too much.

Sunday I recovered.

Yesterday I chained myself to my laptop and churned out an essay that was due via email. It was moderately painful, but I muddled through. Then I dragged my mom out to a pub in Even-Smaller-Town-Than-Mine to get some greasy food and watch my dad's newest band play their first set.

They were awesome. And I am totally singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" the next time I go out for karaoke.

And now here I am, house to myself, drinking coffee and steeling myself for a trip to the dentist, eek! I've never found a dentist in NYC, so I just pop in to see my old one here in PA once every 2 years or so. He is totally going to yell at me for not flossing often enough, I'm fairly certain I have at least one cavity that's going to need taken care of, and unlike Samantha, he hates my tongue ring.

He'd probably tell you it's the source of global warming. He might even have evidence to prove it.

After the dentist I'm headed over to the BFF's house for lunch (provided I can chew--she might have to put mine in the blender) and to play with her kiddos, ages 1 1/2 and 4 months. Hooray!

So that about sums up my respite in PA thus far. I am feeling moderately saner than I did when I arrived, and any increase in sanity is an improvement over last week.

Let's hope it sticks.


Stephanie said...

Shopping with Mom always gets me feeling a bit more relaxed and rejuvenated too. Glad you were able to go home for a bit and escape NYC!

Hope said...

You sound like you are having a wicked time. I could do with a getaway.

As I could with buying shoes at prices like the ones you mentioned! $10!

Now, I feel like singing, "I want to be in America, I want to be in a America..."


Tina Vaziri said...

Ooh, sweaters for $6, nice! Glad you're feeling better and relaxing with your parents. It's nice to get away

Anonymous said...

Pardon moi, for I kind of dropped off for a bit. BUT

1.) OH MY GOSH! I hate those people at your job. Mainly because they made you angry. Also, the firing thing doesn't bode well for them.
2.) I am SO GLAD you are feeling better. I'm not even exaggerating. One of the worst feelings is losing your job. Even if you don't like it, and literally hate every minute of it, being fired sucks.

Also? I kind of want to go to your home in PA and hang out with you and your family. I need to feel that kind of relaxation. Do you think your dentist does massages at all? Cuz that would make it PERFECT. :-)

Update soon! I want to know that you're doing well!

Samantha said...

Retail therapy is harmless if the sweaters are only 6 bucks!!! How is that possible??? And I do love your tongue ring, lol!