Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Holy Shitballs.

There were two electric bills in my mail pile this evening. One addressed to me as living on the third floor (where I have never lived), and one on the 4th (which is where I do live, although my apartment number is 3).

The one to the Third Floor address closed my account and told me I owed nothing further.

The one on the Fourth Floor was a new account number and told me I owed OVER SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

WTF are they smoking over there?!? How on earth could my little tiny apartment use over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH in electricity!?! That's nearly as much as my fucking RENT!!

You can bet your ass that someone over at ConEd will be getting a motherfucking earful tomorrow morning.

Damn skippy.


Princess Pointful said...

Damn. And I freaked out when my power bill was miraculously in the triple digits.

Is Froggy starting to grow-op on the side to make ends meet, hmmm?

Deutlich said...

Oh. I dare a motherfucker to send me something like that.


BloodRedRoses said...

Oh god I hate fuck ups like that!!

Although a part of me secretly likes making nasty calls... still, the stress is SO not worth it!!

A Lil' Irish Lass said...

I would shit myself if I got a bill like that.

Jess said...

WHAT! Oh my god I would be in furious tears AND banging on the door of the president of ConEd's HOUSE trying to resolve the issue THAT SECOND. Screw waiting until business hours.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your light & water company isn't like the one where I live. On the news they show people getting several thousand dollar light bills for small run down houses. Many times the light & water company won't admit to error & states that they will work out a "payment plan" with the customer. They need to do the right thing and correct the bill. Karma will come back to them.

Stephanie said...

That's hysterical slash infuriating! I HATE dealing with customer service at Con Ed too - those people are freaking derelicts. GOOD LUCK. Seriously.