Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday by Numbers

Trips made into Manhattan: 2

Meetings Held: 2

Bits of information in Meeting 2 that were already received in Meeting 1: 437

Art stores visited: 1

Art stores that had wheat paste available on website: 1

Art stores with wheat paste actually in stock: 0

Blocks walked in search of an art store I thought I'd see before, but was apparently mistaken: 18

Dollars spent at Trader Joe's after giving up on non-existent art store: 65

Erroneous grocery items purchased: 1 (rice pudding?? wtf!?!?)

Non-art stores visited in rare bout of optimism that they would carry wheat paste: 2

Boroughs in which those stores were located: 2

Copies of AM New York pilfered from box on the corner: 8

Hours spend on kitchen floor making papier mache dinosaur bones: 2

Dinosaur bones awaiting next layer of papier mache, provided I can stretch my supplies: 6

Copies of AM New York remaining: 3

Trader Joe's Bags awaiting decimation: 30 (a rough estimate)

Days until dino bones need to be finished: 3 1/2

Days in which I actually have time to work on them: 1-ish

Classes attended: 1

Pairs of flip-flops worn: 1 (FLIP FLOPS!! OUTSIDE!!!)

Gi-motherfucking-NORMOUS roaches spotted scurrying across my kitchen counter: 1

Ear-splitting shrieks emitted: 1

Obscenities uttered: countless

Wishes that Home Depot was open late so I could buy Roach Hotels RIGHT FUCKING NOW: innumerable

Second-thoughts before touching/lifting/opening any item in the kitchen: at least 30

Turkey-burgers with goat cheese and roasted red peppers cooked and consumed in spite of roach paranoia: 1

Dinnertime: 11:30pm

Bedtime: coming up reaaal soon.

Christ I cannot WAIT for this week to be OVER!!


Ashley said...

That turkey burger sounds amaaaaazing. Actually anything with goat cheese sounds amazing to me.

And how did you spend 65 at TJs?! Altho I am queen of random purchases that I don't need. Rice pudding def sounds like something i'd do randomly. I almost did tapioca the other day.

Have a great weekend!! We have to go see Horton Hears a Who...don't think I haven't forgotten that you said you wanted to see it ;-)

Jess said...

Wow, that was quite the day! And I wore flip-flops outside today too!!! It was incredibly thrilling.

Lpeg said...

roaches?!?! I would leave and never re-enter that apartment!

I had mice in the walls of my old apartment (I was also in a field next to a dairy farm) - but even they used to creep me out. I'd dream that they were crawling on me or something.....*shivers*

Goodluck getting rid of them!!

Tina Vaziri said...

What are the dinosaur bones for? And ew ew on the roach, I saw one after having brought in several old book from our recently cleaned out the garage. I couldn't stop screaming as I killed it, and my cat just sat there staring at me. Worst hunter cat ever.