Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Snippet

Setting: Hallway outside the room where "Afternoon Tea" was taking place on Day 2 of the conference--"Afternoon Tea" sounding far fancier than was actually the case.

Moderately Odd British Guy: Oh! You were [That Role I Play In Outreach Company]

Froggy: Yes, I was.

MOBG: You did very well.

Froggy: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

MOBG: You seemed to be enjoying yourself.

Froggy: Oh yes, definitely!

MOBG: So you are... what are you doing?


Froggy: I, er, I'm getting my Masters in Educational Theatre

MOBG: And you are an actress? You've been acting for many years?

Froggy: Most of my life, yes.


MOBG: Well...


MOBG: We do some very... allegorical Shakespeare work. Take my card. If it interests you... email me. Yes....

Froggy looks at card, supresses a groan, and puts it in her pocket.

Froggy: Thanks, I will.

Exit, Moderately Odd British Guy

* * * *

Flattering? Perhaps.

Ironic? Definitely.

The only company that solicits me is the only company presenting at the conference with whom I would not want to work.

Basically they believe that Shakespeare's plays contain allegory reflecting a Jewish theological perspective, and thus believe they were written by a (Jewish) woman poet.


I've had enough Shakespearean Conspiracy Theories, thankyouverymuch.

Oh well, still one more day to go. There's still time for that mystery plant from the RSC to come offer me an apprenticeship and, you know, pay off my Masters while they're at it... right?


Hey, a frog can dream...

I'm just dreaming that my prince comes bearing a three-year contract.

Ed. Note: UPDATE -- So after having my little snarky moment above, I went back to the conference program to read about the other people from [Company] aside from MOBG... and their credits were quite impressive. I just may have to recant a bit, after I do some research. After all... I don't necessarily have to buy their theory in order to perform in their shows... do I?

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