Wednesday, May 14, 2008

91 Days Until Brazil...

And that means 91 days in which to get my body bikini-worthy! Less, technically, as I'll hardly be working out during the month in the UK beforehand, but still... Yes. I have a lot of work to do.

Right after I finish this serving of Trader Joe's Potstickers. [Ed. Note: The pork is not nearly as good as the chicken.]


At any rate, I am an excited and rather scatter-brained frog today because PHEW! So much has been accomplished.

By much I mean money... and by accomplished I mean spent.

And the accomplishing doesn't appear to be tapering off anytime soon.

I met Slater at the travel agent's office this morning and... HOORAY!! We have officially booked our plane tickets! They came in at about $1K more than I was hoping, but still under my "holy shit!" maximum, so it's a win-win.

At one point we have a 12 hour layover in Paris. Any idea what could be done in Paris for 12 hours? Specifically the 12 hours between 10pm and 10am? So far we have come up with:

  • Find Eiffel Tower
  • Eat Cheese
  • Eat Bagette
  • Drink Wine
All told with travel to/from the airport I'm guessing that kills about 2 1/2 hours. Any suggestions as to what to do with the other 7 1/2 would be most welcome!

After spending an exorbitant amount of money on air travel, we consoled ourselves with beer and burgers at what is rapidly becoming our favourite lunch spot, and then proceeded to trek downtown to that mecca of shopping that is Century 21 to find me a dress to wear to the two, count 'em two, weddings I am attending in the next two weeks.

Miraculously, amongst such comments as "Do you want to look like drapes?" and "A little too Psycho-Donna-Reed," and my being leered at by a group of Frenchman whom I am pretty sure were the French acrobats that were the subject of the lesson plan I drafted for a job application last week, we managed to find a fabulous dress, AND shoes! SHOES PEOPLE!! Because somehow, in the ridiculously large collection of footwear I have at my disposal, I did not have a single pair that would match this particular dress. It was like a sign from the heavens telling me that Yes, in fact, I needed those beige strappy Nine West sandals.

Who am I to argue with the gods?

After such a gluttony of consumerism, the only thing left to do, naturally, was to trek back up to the Village and have margaritas. Which is precisely what we did.

And the waitress eternally endeared herself to me when she dropped the check and said "Here you go ladies!" [Ed. Note: even better was the fact that Slater didn't notice until I pointed it out to him.]

Thus ends the epic proportions of my day--with a gigantic-peach-margarita-clouded trip home, a DVR'ed episode of Days, a call to the parents, and some mediocre potstickers.

And you, my dear freaders, of course.

However, while my body is juuuust about ready for a nice long sleep, my poor brain is tossing in a frenzy of... I'm not sure. There is just SO MUCH TO DO in the next 2 months before I take off.


A staged reading to rehearse and perform.

Er, 7 or 8 books to read for classes.

A proposal to draft and submit for approval of my Fall project.

A root canal.

Another trip back to PA 3 weeks after root canal for permanent filling.

Travel doctor appointment for Malaria pills and Cipro.

A backpack, and myriad other travel necessities, to purchase.

Oh, right, a VISA to purchase from the Brazilian Consulate.


And so, my dearest freaders, here is the first (of what will probably be many) travel questions I pose to you:

If you were packing for 2 months in the lightest manner possible what would you bring? What would you leave behind? What is the one luxury item that you feel would be worth the room in your luggage?

All answers will be given the utmost consideration in final packing decisions... and may even be rewarded... with my eternal love and devotion, if nothing more :)


Hope said...

Whenever I hear that someone is going to Paris I sing that song from 'French Kiss'? "I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall, I love Paris, oh I do,I do love Paris 'cause my love is there with his sluuuuuut girlfriend.' :) It's a disease.

But seriously? You must have a crepe with Nutella and banana. Then definitely take a walk through Montmartre (stopping of course to have a portrait sketched) up to The Sacre Coeur.

Beautiful views of Paris without having to wait and pay to get into the Eiffel tower.

Anonymous said...

What you're doing in Paris, I'm doing in Tokyo.

Also. I have no idea in terms of packing. I had packed for Seattle, Vancouver, and Thailand, but then McGee said I could leave all my clothes at her place. So I have smaller bags and clothes for one climate. It's awesome. Good luck?!

Stephanie said...

That trip sounds seriously? AMAZING. I am so jealous of people who just haul off and travel the world. Damn job. I've got to convince them to pay me to travel the world or something.

You don't want "packing light" advice from me. I don't go anywhere without at least 4 pairs of jeans (HEAVY!) and 8 pairs of shoes.