Saturday, May 3, 2008

Best. Cab. Ride. Ever.

This evening I made my way to the city to see a show by a youth theatre group that several of my friends had been working on for the past two semesters.

Dude, seriously. Kids are fucking AMAZING. The young people blew me away in a manner that was totally unexpected. They were fantastic.

And afterward I checked my phone and answered an equally unexpected call to my old neighborhood to meet up with a friend... who brought in tow another friend of his who was certainly cute, and certainly attracted to yours truly, but for whatever reason did not step up to the plate.

Oh, well, his loss.

But the cab ride home?

Oh... the cab ride home...

I gave my destination, and settled back in my seat for the usual mundanity that accompanies such journeys...


Until I heard it.

It was on the radio.

And I caught a moment of my lovely driver singing along...

So I said to her... "You can turn it up, I actually love this song."

"Really?!" She asked, as the stereo began to blast.

And so I give you... with all the adolescent nostalgia it entails... the song that brought me home with such great joy, still echoing in my ears as I ascended the stairs...

(Though I must admit I wonder how they got Coney Island to be so empty...)


ps- Sorry to folks with readers who got this post twice... I am a wee bit tipsy and had issues with getting the video placed where I wanted it.

Oh come on... you know you love me...


Hope said...

Eek! I love that song!

But what on earth are they wearing? ;)

Deutlich said...

sounds like you had an awesome evening. :)

Princess of the Universe said...

Froggy I think we are meant to be BFFs. We constantly are finding random things in pop culture that we love in common.

Shoop baby!

brandy said...

Seriously... that song just makes me think of so many memories. Most involve me having crazy bangs and wearing hideous jeans. But still.

Glad you had a great night out!

Anonymous said...

so this post, and song?

made my night.

thank you, love.

xoxo, b