Friday, May 2, 2008

The Randomness Continues...

Hey y'all, I just want to reassure you that I am, in fact, still alive. Just riding out the tsunami that is the end of the semester.

Actually, things are going slightly better than expected.

Research paper is done.

Last night I had a burst of inspiration and managed to create my lesson plan for the job application. Well, I at least figured out the structure of the lesson and what activities will be included--I still have to type it up in even-a-five-year-old-could-understand-it format and justify it with standards from the New York City Blueprint for Arts Education. Woohoo.

Procrastination has once again managed to... save my ass!. Yes, you heard that right.

I have not yet started my final performance piece for one of my classes, due to a.) lack of time, and b.) inability to find a piece of music i liked. I was moderately panicked about this until last night when, in said class, we were finally given instruction in a technique I had planned on using in my piece aaaand.... discovered A) I don't like it, and B) I'm not all that good at it.


So now I'm taking my performance piece in an entirely different direction. Something I can actually do without making a fool of myself.

And now, finally, the actual impetus for the title of this post: pure freaking randomness.

Which, as much of the randomness in my life seems to do these days, comes in the form of... Facebook.

So I got a friend request from this guy the other day, who I did not recognize, and who has, like, NO information on his profile, so I figure he's just a random and let it go.

Then I get another one, this time with a message saying "Hey Froggy, remember me?"

Er, no.

I go back to his profile and see that we now have "1 Friend in Common"--which was another uber-random request I got from a girl who was a year behind me in high school. Okay, so this guy and I must have gone to school together.

I emailed a few friends. Yes, he went to our school. He played basketball. I am willing to guess I shared less than a few sentences with him over the course of my existence, but whatever.

So I accept. And send a message saying that No, I don't remember him, but I assume we went to school together...

And I get the following in response:

"haha , naw its cool but we used to have little crushes on each other,.
I just wanted to say hi , and tell you that you look good.! ;) be safe"


Sorry to burst your bubble lovey, but if I'd had a crush on you, I think I'd remember who the fuck you are!

But apparently you had a crush on me. Which is kinda cool. Other than the one guy who decided to fall for me 2 years after I'd entirely given up on him (he dumped my answering machine... my family answering machine...), I never really thought any of the guys at my school were interested in me. High School Boyfriend went to a different school, and I found out towards the end of Senior Year that quite a few people thought I was a lesbian--which I found to be hilarious.

None of the above stopped me, however, from flirting shamelessly with anything with a penis. Just for fun, of course.

Apparently... it worked.

Or he has me confused with someone else.

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Hope said...

Haha. "...if I'd had a crush on you, I think I'd remember who the fuck you are!"