Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Postcards from...

If spending money were an Olympic sport, I would be a fucking gold medalist.

Today I ran errands, most of which were travel-related. I went to Barnes and Noble to examine the Lonely Planet guide to Peru--and came to the conclusion that like the Rough Guide soooo much better--and to choose a travel book that would be a good read, but also last me for 2 months (Midnight's Children, in case you were wondering). I once again demonstrated my inability to enter Sephora--where I went with the simple intention of finding a new shampoo--without exiting with a myriad of unexpected purchases (like Fiberwig mascara and some new styling products).

The exciting part of the afternoon came when I went to Paragon Sports to purchase that backpack that will contain my worldly possessions for the months of July and August. This time I chatted with a salesguy, who called down to storage for the model I'd been eyeing on my last visit, and lo and behold I tried it on and it was perfect! And not overpriced!! So that major purchase has been completed.

Later in the afternoon, after depositing my bounty at home, I returned to Manhattan to visit the Travel Sale at the Container Store (and finally spend a $20 gift card given to me for my birthday, like, 3 years ago). So now I have all sorts of modular goodies to keep my clothes and toiletries compact and organized.

I can't believe how quickly my departure is approaching--just 6 weeks!!--and there is still so very much to worry about.

I need a cat-friendly subletter.

I need malaria meds, and a birth control refill, and perhaps some Lunesta to combat jet-lag (anyone ever use that stuff? OTC sleep aids literally keep me awake, I was hoping that prescription might do a better job...).

And, of course, I've been wondering what to do with the blog.

I've got to be honest, I have neither the time nor the patience to organize guest bloggers for two whole months. Nor, I think, do y'all care to be saddled with such a responsibility. You have your own blogs to write, after all.

I will, of course, drop in and update when I can, but I will be traveling without a computer and so all internet time will be taking place in Net Cafes or the computer lab at Irish University. And thanks to Google's new "scheduled publishing" feature, I have a few surprises cooked up to keep you entertained in my absence.

But, ever the over-achiever, I've decided that this is not enough. And so I came up with a brilliant idea.


That's right, dear Freaders. If you email me a name and address (it can be your blog name, so long as that won't deter the postman), I will send you an actual, physical postcard from somewhere along my travels.

Will it be London?

Will it be the 12 hour stopover in Paris?

Will it be Peru?

Will it arrive before I get back to the States?

Only time will tell. But if you would like a Postcard from a Frog, send your name and address to das_frog @ and I will add you to my list!

How's that for bloggy dedication?

Also, if anyone wants to pay less than my actual rent to come live in my apartment and hang out with my cat while I'm gone... let me know!


brookem said...

Ohhh I love the container store! 2 whole months!? Wow!

I LOVE handwriten notes!

Stephanie said...

I am sooo jealous of your adventures! Maybe I should quit my job and go to grad school full-time instead of part-time. What I wouldn't give for summers off again!

Anonymous said...

If I lived anywhere near you I WOULD TOTALLY take over that apartment, yo.


Jess said...

This is going to be awesome! And yeah, guest bloggers aren't really ideal for anything more than a short trip.

Princess Pointful said...

Okay, that is a fab idea!!
I'm very much in!

Princess Pointful said...

My email was bounced back to me....
Could you email me at princess pointful at gmail dot com?

Tina Vaziri said...

The postcard idea is fantastic! Your trip is going to be so amazing, can't wait to hear about all the things you do and see.