Monday, June 23, 2008


Irreverent Internal Dialogue Moment of the Day
"Jesus... I'm sweating more than a pedophile in a day care center..."

That more or less sums up the majority of my day. It hasn't actually been exceptionally hot in NYC, but the humidity has been brutal. For me, at least. I'm sure that wearing my polyester grunge-goddess sweater for 5 hours for a film shoot didn't help either.

However, the short film is now one shoot closer to completion, the staged reading was a ton of fun and went very well, and... I FOUND A SUBLETTER!! PRAISE JEEBUZ!!

She's a bit of a spazz, but a very nice spazz. And The Princess (aka, my cat) loved her... and anyone who's ever met my cat can attest that this is a rare occurrence indeed.

Actually, I've got to give the furball credit, she really worked this girl over. Rolling around on her back and acting all cute. Clearly, she understood that mommy's sanity was at stake and it was best to behave. Smart kitty.

So that's one ginormous weight lifted from my already-slumping shoulders. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty to do--errands to run, cat supplies to buy, hair to cut, nether-regions to wax, contact lenses to order... but things are coming together nicely (knock wood).

My mom is coming up from PA tomorrow, ostensibly to have lunch and go shopping, but really to smother me with affection before I leave on my adventures. I'm sure I will be hard-pressed to keep her from crying when I leave her at Penn Station, but it should still be a pleasant afternoon. We're going to hit up Century 21, and I may introduce her to the mecca that is Sephora (*insert heavenly choir here*).

That's about all I've got at the moment. I'm trying not to be an absentee blogger, but really it's been tough. However, two of my pre-scheduled absentee-posts are already written and waiting on my Blogger Dashboard... try not to die of suspense. I know it's tempting.

Right, this little froggy needs some sleep. Between an afternoon of motherly affection--and shopping--and another evening film shoot, methinks I'll be needing my strength.

Goodnight my lovelies!


Z said...

The humidity? Also killing me. At some points, it feels like I am walking through a hot fog. And being NYC? A hot, moist, smelly, don't-want-to-think-about-the-amount-of-pollution fog...

Jess said...

I love Blogger's pre-scheduled posting feature, but recently it has had some glitches. I scheduled a few posts that just... didn't post, and when I went online later to check, they were just sitting on the dashboard, still saying they were scheduled for earlier that day. Very bizarre.

Glad you found a subletter!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a subletter! And I'm glad your kitty behaved :)