Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright for...

It was a good night.

First and foremost, I met my darling A for drinks--whom, of course, I haven't seen since I left the country a bit over two months ago.  We caught up, she heard what dirt I had to give on CFL (I promise you all, a transcript of ridiculous apology is coming soon), and then her darling man,whom I also adore, joined us.  Being the stellar literary agent she is, she has sold more books, and one of them has a movie-style trailer which I will be sharing with you all just as soon as I have the link.  The book is fab, I've read it, and I recommend that you all do the same!!  (I'm sure DS will agree, A tells me that she's read it too.)

And, before A arrived--a wee bit late, thanks to the fact that the MTA goes to shit every time something falls from the sky, be it rain or snow or otherwise--I had Hot Bartender to keep me company.  Hot Bartender is a guy I had the hots for for YEARS, whom I dated briefly a few years ago, and then who vanished off the face of my planet but would still give me free drinks when I landed in his bar, most likely out of guilt.  I have a feeling he did the same tonight, as the tab for A, myself, and her man ended up being only $50, which was, considering the time spent and the amount of alcohol consumed, not much.  There was also a good deal more flirting than there has been on previous visits, which ended in my discovering that my number is still in his phone--and I hope his is still in mine, as I texted the only number under his name shortly after returning home--so hopefully we will be seeing each other again sometime soon.  Past experience has taught me not to expect anything, but past experience has also taught me that he's a whole lot of fun while he's around, so I'll play my cards where they lay.

Other than that, it's business as usual.  Had a job audition on Thurs which I hope went well (it's so hard to tell), and a show audition yesterday that I already know I didn't get, but I'm not too distressed as a.) I knew beforehand that I wasn't really right for the show, and b.) in the process I managed to impress the artistic director, who invited me to audition for another show he's doing later this Fall.

So that's where it all stands right now.  I haven't really taken time to assess just how much work I have to do for Ginormous Project--which is probably a good thing, because if I'd really thought about it, I'd probably have had a breakdown already.  I'm just putting that off for a few weeks.  And 10 year HS reunion is next weekend, which I'm sure will breed stories of an epic proportion.  So for now, here I am, slightly tipsy, headed for bed, and really hoping that the individual I just texted was, indeed, Hot Bartender, and not another man of the same name.  Because that would certainly be embarrassing.

Just another Saturday night in Brooklyn.  What can I say?

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