Thursday, September 4, 2008


Somehow, New York City has managed to slow down in my absence.  Every single person I walked behind today was moving at roughly the pace of a physically disabled snail dragging an elephant... uphill.  Seriously people, WAKE THE FUCK UP AND MOVE!!  Some of us have places to be.

I was amazed at the number of women I saw today who simply could not be wearing underwear under their sheer, light-coloured pants/skirts/dresses.  Thank heavens for the absence of unexpected updrafts or I would have seen much more of New York than I cared to this afternoon.

The NFL took over the better part of 59th St (and several blocks south) this afternoon, with the result being that when I arrived in Manhattan a freaking hour early for my job audition (thanks HopStop), I could NOT go kill time in Central Park, even though it was only 6 freaking blocks away!  I would have had to walk halfway across town just to get in.  Thanks NFL.  Thanks a lot.

I am now the proud owner of not one, but two fancy coffee presses.  One 8-cup press, on the off chance I should ever actually have someone in my house in the morning (other than myself) requiring coffee; and one fancy little contraption that you simply hang in your mug!  Amazing!  It's a good thing I'm still waiting for a new debit card and therefore operating on a cash-only system, or I would have gone buck wild in Bed Bath & Beyond this afternoon.  I heart housewares!

And finally, as promised, new ink!!

I've been threatening to do this for years--my mom and I are both slightly dyslexic when it comes to Right and Left.  Now I have a permanent reminder!  (So long as I'm wearing open-topped shoes, at any rate).


Anonymous said...

There is a reason we are friends. I am constantly going to my other left and other right. I'm horrible with direction. Those tattoos are friggin AWESOME.

And of course you are awesome as well. So glad you're back!! We must hang out soon over some mojitos.

EcK said...


Jess said...

That's really funny. I love it. Cute toenails, too.

Z said...

Cute tattoos! And YES on the slow New Yorkers - I've encountered this recently too! (I'm blaming it on back-to-schoolers...)

Princess of the Universe said...

Sorry, I'm totally behind in my reading!
Nice ink!