Saturday, October 11, 2008

Potty Training

Howdy Folks!  My slacker-blogger ass is over at the lovely Ashley's place today, where, wonder of wonders, I actually managed to write something of substance!  I know... shocker, right?  I think it's because she gave us a prompt.  Granted the prompt was "travel" and I wrote about "toilets," but you'll just have to head over there and check it out to see how the two are totally related.

Anyhow, I know that I've been neglecting my own blog as well as all of yours (I swear, I'll get caught up again eventually.. really I will!), but lately I  have fallen into an excessively boring rut... so unless you want to hear about my thoughts on the latest posts on D-Listed, how many laps I swam at the pool, or how depressing it is when everyone else I know seems to have a life (a job, a relationship, maybe even both!) while all I do is sit around watching TV and, well, reading D-Listed... I got nothing.

So help me out folks.  I need writing prompts.  Something, anything, a word, a colour, a bad joke.

Who knows... maybe if I can pull my blog out of this funk, the rest of my life will follow.


OC said...

I hear ya on the nothing to write about (unless it's complaining that everyone else is getting married and having babies and I don't even have a date to their weddings...).

But I stumbled across this website and maybe you can get some inspiration from some of the "stories"?

Princess of the Universe said...

Oh honey, I've been ignoring my blog for the same reasons lately.
Perhaps we should throw a single girls with no life internet party and write all about it...

the frog princess said...

That's kind of a fabulous idea!

If I can tear myself away from mind-numbing idleness, I'll design us a logo! :)