Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I checked the time on my cell phone as I exited the subway, cursing the G train for having taken so long, and NYU for making us attend class rather than stay home glued to MSNBC.

I reached the top of the stairs and stepped onto the sidewalk. A few muffled shouts echoed down the street, but that's not unusual for Brooklyn.

It was as I turned the corner onto my block that the car horns started. Blaring down the street with a rhythm saying something other than the usual "Hey you! Get out of my way!" More cheers filtered into the general cacophony and I quickened my pace toward home.

It was like a ripple effect. One by one, apartments on my block erupted into raucous cheers. Through the windows, shadows bounced as people jumped and danced in celebration.

And I knew.

As a smile broke across my face and my stoop came into view, a voice from a neighboring window echoed the thought that was circling through my head.

"It's just like World War II ending!"

Tonight Brooklyn, and America, celebrates.


Deutlich said...

I'm going to be a weepy mess all damn day.

W said...

si, se puede

amy said...

I wondered how you and your hood were celebrating! Good times, for sure. I'm soooo excited I can't stop smiling.

Princess Pointful said...

And Canada, believe it or not...