Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Reasons Men Should Be Lining Up At My Door...

As we all muddle our way through the day, dealing with post-election depression (it's sort of like post-partum depression, only without being responsible for an infant), I thought I would provide you all with a little fluff to brighten your day (and whet your appetite).

Behold!  Further evidence that my continuing singleness is absolutely criminal.

Exhibit A
Homemade Kaiser Rolls.

Not bad considering they were my first attempt.

Exhibit B
Homemade Bagels

Proof that I actually did it myself.

Um, hello?  Who wouldn't want to wake up to fresh bagels on a Sunday without having to leave the house?

Exhibit C
Homemade Pizza

I've been making pizza at least once a week, sometimes more, as I continue my search for the ultimate crust recipe.

Exhibit D
Herbed Chicken with Roasted Savory Sweet Potatoes


A.) Sweet potatoes are a million times better when made with herbs and spices vs. sugar and marshmallows; and

B.) It's moderately depressing eating a rockin' meal like this alone while watching Bones on your DVR.

Exhibit E
Pumpkin Ravioli... FROM SCRATCH!!

Seriously. From.  SCRATCH.

Does this one even require further justification as an illustration of my awesomeness?  No?  Good.

Exhibit F
Behold... My Halloween costume:

Okay, okay, so it's not food... but only, like, 3 people actually got to see my costume on Halloween, so I felt the need to share. Especially considering that if I keep eating all of this fabulous food by myself, I'll never fit into that costume again!

I'm the smiley face :)

And so here I sit, basking in the smell of the two ginormous loaves of Italian bread currently baking in my oven, and contemplating what I will do with the leftovers after cooking an entire chicken just for myself.

Expect another installment in this series before the week is out.


EcK said...

and what are we supposed to do about it ?

ps: yes, u could share all that food with us\ send it all to me so i can open a backery and tell everybody I made all of this.

EcK said...

ps2: the second solution obviously makes so much more sense.

Anonymous said...

Damn, S! *I'm* starting to think about dating you after all that food porn!

Deutlich said...

I think you should share recipes!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd date you for that food. Or at least stalk you! :) (seriously, if you want to leave a basket of goodies on my doorstep i wouldn't object.) (seriously) (you DO have my address so you can't use any excuses...)

Belle said...

I have NO idea why youre single. Youre hot and a domestic goddess.
I compared and Im came up short.
not good.

James said...

Don't feel bad. The ONLY reason you are single is that you live in NY. I hear there is a massive shortage of single males. Food looked great. Halloween costume looked even better. You should move to England.

Princess Pointful said...

Hot damn, lady! You look amazing and those photos put me in carb heaven. Wanna come to Canada and marry me? We can do that here!

erin said...


That all looks amazing!! Those kaiser rolls and bagels make me miss the NY area so much, you can't get any decent rolls or bagels in Ireland!

Where do you get your recipes and how difficult are they to make, because I've been on a baking kick recently as well, because I now have free time.

Princess of the Universe said...

Ok 1. You're gorgeous...(even with only a smiley face)
and 2. I'm with Deut- will you share recipes???

amy said...

Well, you know *I'd* come over and help you eat any time! And you most certainly rocked that costume-sucks that we didn't go anywhere special. (Did you get the grill smell out of those clothes?!?)

server extraordanare said...

Where do you find the time to do all of this.
You are one amazing chick!

Z said...

I am in awe. If I were a guy, I'd be all over you... WOW