Saturday, November 1, 2008 = Just as Frustrating as the Real World... UGH!

So far my foray into the world of has yielded incredibly depressing results, which leads me to wonder: why exactly did I think this would be any easier than meeting someone out in the real world? And why did I pay for the opportunity to be disappointed?

Of every man that I have reached out to either by winking or emailing? NONE have responded. Not a single bloody one. The most interesting prospect didn't even view my freaking profile! Wow! I had no idea I was that uninteresting and/or unattractive.

Of all the men who have contacted me? One is somewhat interesting, but I can't seem to get excited enough to actually respond to his emails on a regular basis. And the rest? Are either: far too old, prematurely balding, poorly spoken (which is a deal breaker for me) with wretched grammar (even MORE of a deal breaker), well-spoken but have a profile that reads like a Dungeons and Dragons game-book, or just plain wonky-looking. In other words, not at all interesting to me. Like, even in the slightest.

So I'm beginning to wonder. All those profiles of men that I actually found attractive and/or interesting--and I was surprised to find so many!--that got me to say "oh the hell with it!" and pay for a membership to see what came of it... are they even real? Or does Match just sprinkle them through the website to lure in unsuspecting single girls? Not to be conceited, but I am a fairly attractive girl, which is why I find it just a liiiiiittle bit insulting that NOT A SINGLE FREAKING MAN that I have contacted has returned the favor. I mean, seriously, talk about disheartening...

Yes, I know I'm whining. Mostly I'm just annoyed with myself for shelling out money for this bullshit, as now I feel that I need to keep using it to "get my money's worth" even though all it's doing is pissing me off. Blech.

That being said, I totally need to email that guy from the conference. Just as soon as the decongestants kick in and remove the congestion-induced fog from my brain.


Deutlich said...

Have you tried meeting people through They break up groups by interest and you go out and meet up as a big group and.. I'unno, maybe perhaps you might find someone with similar interests?
It's also free. ;)

notthelifeiordered said...

Its so frustrating right? I will never return to internet dating.

I honestly think that a lot of profiles dont have memberships yet. It really sucks that you can't tell whether they do or not, if they don't they don't know you're emailing them.

Hopefully you're luck will improve!

EcK said...

real life's waaay better!
People ignoring you?
You can always ignore them back in a pro active way, which could be somewhat gratifying I guess. While you cant really show how cool you are and how not-in they are on the net.

AAAnyyyyway, you got me (and others, but I never cared much for those) hooked to a blog, in my case for the first time in my freaking life, may not be the best thing that ever happened in the world, but still a slight painkiller for the ego perhaps.

have fun