Sunday, November 2, 2008

P.S. - What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

50,000 : The word count goal for midnight on November 30th.

1,930 : Words so far.

30 : Minutes spent trying to log onto massively overloaded website to update my word count.

1 : Rooms cleaned before writing commenced (because my apartment has reached such a disaster level as requires cleaning rooms one at a time)

2 : Other massive writing projects to be completed (or nearly completed) during the month of November (a play, and, oh yeah! A freaking THESIS which is going to have to be completely re-planned due to fuckery of the University's review board.)

3 : Days since cold symptoms first appeared, which seem to be neither increasing nor diminishing

240 : milligrams of sudafed consumed in the last 24 hours.

11ish : Number of times I stood up and immediately got a headache/felt dizzy/both.

0 : Number of directions I can move my neck without feeling stiffness and/or pain.

2 : Stores visited in search of candy corn, all for naught!

4 : Episodes of first season of the original Beverly Hills 90210 watched.

6 : Times wondered in which season David Silver's annoying little friend accidentally shoots himself.

2 : Incorrect actress identifications (Hot Math Teacher's Wife ≠ Erica Hahn on Greys, and Cindy Walsh ≠ the mother from "Son in Law," I blame the sudafed).

3 : Times I've almost ended this post, the come up with something else to add to the list.

29 : Minutes since I should have gone to bed. 36 after edits.

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amy said...

Good luck! You can do this. You can write a novel. Do it, do it, do it! (And then let me read it ...)