Saturday, November 15, 2008


It was several.

I am not hungover in the traditional sense (yet. It could be one of those sneaky late-breaking hangovers, we'll see), but I am very tired and my voice is shot to hell.

While I had a great time waxing philosophical with the Lovely A about how we don't really smoke anymore--over half a pack of American Spirits--I am now in no way prepared to face my day, and all the lunacy that it holds in store.

I'm hoping a trip to McDonald's before rehearsal will fix that.


amy said...

Ahahaha. I know ... We're awful. Awful fun! (My hangover was one of those late-breaking ones. When I finally got to rest in the hotel at, like 5pm, I was dead.)

Princess Pointful said...

Egg McMuffin's creep me out.
McD's hashbrowns, on the other hand, are heaven.