Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Epic Romance, It Is Not...

Last night I went to a holiday party and got drunk with a bunch of my favourite people (Hey there W, how are you feeling today?). I came home, decidedly intoxicated and high on good company and lots and lots of carbs, and sent an email to Match Guy basically telling him that he needed to ask me out. How did I operate the keyboard in my completely obliterated state? No idea.

Lo and behold, this morning (nearly afternoon) he began bombarding me with texts--which included mocking me for needing to nap away my hangover, which really wasn't fair. Nobody would have wanted to be around me before that nap, least of all me.

Anyhow, I napped, showered, and headed into the city to meet up with him.

And it was...


The jury is still very much out, though I think they are leaning toward "No Go."

I feel like I have to try too hard around him. I mean, I know that I'm smart and witty and entertaining, but it's like there was this constant pressure to be all three at once--which is fucking exhausting, btw--and when I slipped for a moment I felt like I was undergoing the third degree.

As I rode the subway home, I took a moment to step outside myself... and I immediately realized that the look on my face was not that of a girl who had just had a great date.

Furrowed brow and pursed lips ≠ Butterflies and rainbows

However, it wasn't terrible. I didn't make up an excuse about needing to get home before dark so I didn't get raped (yes, I've used that one before). And while he's not a great kisser, when I let him bite my neck (long story) I kinda wanted to rip my clothes off right there.

Considering that I'd love to have sex again before the end of 2008, that might merit a second date for further investigation.


Hope said...

I guess they're not all going to be great romances. Sigh.

But doesn't mean the ride can't be fun. ;)

Princess Pointful said...

Hmmm... investigation sounds worthy. It can be good to go into something with no expectations, at least, as long as you are clear in your own mind!

amy said...

I think you need to go out again. Not hungover. (That could very well be the reason you felt you had to try so hard--because you *weren't* yourself due to feeling like crap ... *And* it was the first time you met! That's hard on everyone.) C'mon! Go for it. What have you got to lose?