Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Down, One to Go...

Tonight was the final reading of my work in my Playwriting class. While the play itself isn't finished, the 10 minutes of it that were read tonight were very well received. It was gratifying to know that I'm not the only one who thought a diatribe on the original Star Trek series versus the movies was funny, and that the other students in my class engaged with my characters as much as I did. I'm actually really excited to finish writing it.

After, that is, I spend the next 3-5 days entirely devoted to completing my Thesis. My ultimate goal is to have it complete by the end of the day on Friday so I can email it to my professor and ask if he has any suggestions for me to enact in the final days before it is due. Barring that, however, it's due on Monday.

And then... I will be done with my Masters.

Which, given the current state of the economy,is more scary than it is exciting. I can't quite shake the feeling that I have just spent a painfully large sum of money on a degree, only to go back to waitressing, or worse... temping.

I think I'd rather chew my own leg off.

Think I could pay off my student loans with limbs?


Belle said...

Im pretty sure they dont accept extremities as payments. A shame, and yet kind of fortunate, life would be that much harder with out your arms!
Congrats on your play! Oh to be so creative.


good luck with the thesis.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we worked at Seattle Grace - the interns there are always looking for limbs and such.

I can't believe you're finishing your master's before I am! Good lord woman. You flew through it. But it's exciting. Congratulations!

each of the two said...

i dont mean to be a debbie downer, but be prepared to eat your words (or limbs, whatever), I have absolute faith in you succeeding, but OMFG is it ridiculous the amount of times i have said " I have a freakin MFA and I'm buying the toilet paper?!!!"

stupid economy
stupid niche career
stupid student loans

Princess Pointful said...

You could probably apply for a disability based postponement for a year or two, at least!!