Friday, February 13, 2009


That's my new way of saying "Argh"...

So anyway, I don't think I blogged about this, but back in January I set up an audition/interview to direct a play at a middle school. The job would have lasted a few months and been at least one source of income, as well as adding some much needed post-grad-school experience to my resume.

Originally I was going to take the first available interview date, but once the guy told me that I would also have to "audition" by teaching a 45 minute lesson on "whatever I wanted," I opted for a later date to give myself time to prepare.

Two days before my audition, I see that I have a missed call on my phone. I check my voicemail and there is a message from someone at the school saying "We found someone we liked and offered them the job, better luck next time," or words to that effect. Like they couldn't have waited TWO FREAKING DAYS to see if I was better?!?

Anyhow, through a random coincidence I was looking at an acquaintance's Facebook page and realized that she is the one who got the damned job.

So not only am I annoyed because I wasn't even given a chance, I'm also annoyed because, damnit, much as I like the girl, I am better.

Or at the very least, just as good.



deutlich said...

Man... that is frustrating.

Lily said...

Grargh is right! How frustrating! That just means something better will be coming along! Still... ugh!

So@24 said...

What might this play be?

I have plenty of recommendations!

Princess Pointful said...

That is straight up B.S.... why even bother giving people an audition if they don't give you a chance to actually, you know, audition? Boooo!