Thursday, February 12, 2009

Notes. Mostly About Boys

I should be in bed right now.

A few minutes ago I was digging around in my underwear/lingerie drawer looking for a nightgown and accidentally grabbed a little number from Frederick's of Hollywood that I'd completely forgotten I owned, so of course I tried it on. This led to giving myself a private fashion show of all the sexy little things in my drawer and let me tell you, there are a lot of them... roughly 90% of which (maybe more) have never been seen by anyone's eyes but mine.

I'm hoping to change that.


I absolutely adore Frederick's for fun, sexy, inexpensive lingerie (and everyday cotton undies that are far cuter than Fruit of the Loom), but I hate the fact that once you order from them, you are put on the mailing list for every purveyor of slutty clothing known to man.

My landlords are the only ones with keys to the mailbox, so they bring in and sort the mail.

I worry they think I'm a stripper.


No, The Bad Date doesn't think we've been dating all this time. That weird email was a combination of his not-so-humorous sense of humor, and a passive-aggressive dig at me for ignoring him.

Oh yeah, clearly, I'm missing out.


The Russian Who Never Called seems to genuinely feel bad about being a Non-Caller. Looks like this was a case of a sheep in jerk's clothing. Or something. Whatever, I'm not losing sleep over it (not that I ever did).

Besides, he had bad teeth and the early signs of a bald spot.


The English Ex has split up with his fiancee, poor guy. Granted, he's a bit of a fuckwit and considered leaving her last year when he developed a crush on some other girl, but he got over it. I can only imagine how much it must suck to be on the receiving end of a blow you nearly dealt yourself.

Interestingly, in the past this also would have excited some little piece of my brain that would think "Hey! He might be on another continent, but he's available again! There's a chance that..." But not this time. I'm not sure whether it's the cumulative effect of years of being his relationship counselor via MSN and seeing that he's kindof an emotional fuckwit with ALL girls--not just me--or the fact that I am slightly less single than usual.

Perhaps it's a combination of the two.


Somewhere around this time yesterday (my sleep patterns are all sorts of screwed up right now, yet another side effect of unemployment) I bit the bullet and emailed The Contender to see if he wanted to come over for dinner on Valentine's day. This morning he wrote back saying that I'd beaten him to the punch and he was going to suggest more or less the same thing, only him cooking for me. (Insert collective "Awww" here. Go on. I'll wait.)

So, I'm making him dinner on Saturday and I need suggestions! Dessert is already covered, as there's something I've been looking for an excuse to try for ages (and I can take the remainder to the Lovely A's birthday party the following day), but I'm trying to figure out what to make for the actual meal.

There are several things I am particularly good at, some of which (a whole chicken, a roast beef) are perhaps a bit extravagant. However, Lasagna (or anything Italian, really), some sort of stuffed chicken breast or pork chop, or comfort food like meat loaf and homemade mac n cheese, I am also pretty damned good with.

So the question: Comfort food, or culinary prowess? Which skill do I flaunt?

Cast your vote in the comments. I'm off to attempt sleep. Wish me luck!


Hope said...

Can you come over and cook for me?

No? Fine. Then I vote for simple comfort food. Draw him in and THEN bring out the big guns.

deutlich said...

I don't really own anything lingerie-like... I feel too fat to wear it.

Isn't that sad?

Princess of the Universe said...

I vote for culinary prowess.

And I am so glad that bad date wasn't that delusional- I thought he really did think you'd been dating all that time...

distractedspunk said...

Comfort food! I wish I could go to A's party. I hate living so far away from civilization.

Also. I miss you!

amy said...

I say comfort food because it's already V-Day making it a lovey-dovey, high-emotion day so making an elaborate feast adds to the stress ... And if you're making a kick-ass dessert (yum! I really hope there are leftovers for the party!) then you don't need much more. Plus, it will mean more if you show off your culinary prowess on some average, everyday day.

But, by all means, do show off that lingerie!

W said...


Maybe get creative and dress the meatloaf up in lingerie.

I don't know. You know not to listen to me by now.

::chugs coffee, moonwalks around desk::

Lily said...

OMG, I love your timing, haha. I bought my FIRST real lingerie thing this week to surprise JR with on Valentine's Day. Now that I have one, I totally want more because I get the feeling that this is going to be pretty fun!

So@24 said...

You can never go wrong with comfort food!

Pics of the final products?

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

you still seem hung up on the English Ex', no?