Monday, March 16, 2009

Things I Will Miss About My Apartment

Moving is always a bittersweet venture.

On one hand, it can be exciting. A new place, a new adventure, a pleasant change of scenery.

On the other, it can be exhausting, and a little sad. Packing, planning, and of course, missing all the little things that made a place feel like home.

There are lots of things I will miss about this place, so before I tear it apart and start putting it all into boxes and trashbags, I thought I'd create a little photo essay of the things that I'm really going to miss when I'm gone.

1. The Space

This place is huge. HUGE. I have a freaking hallway for goodness sake! Not only is this going to make downsizing a headache, as I'm going to have to give up some furniture, but I don't know what Psycho Kitty is going to do when she can't go tearing down the hall like a maniac several times a night.

2. Windows

Particularly this big one in the kitchen, which faces south and keeps the room bright and sunny all day--and aids in ventilation when I cook steaks on the stovetop and fill the house with smoke.

My current place has 6 windows. The new place has 2. I'm going to miss the sun.

And while we're on the kitchen...

3. The Gas Stove

The new place has an electric stove, which totally sucks for cooking. Also, I will no longer have a proper broiler, which means no more London Broil. No more roasted red peppers. I'm making both tonight as a sort of farewell gesture to proper cooking.

4a. This Awesome Built in Cabinet...

4b. ...and the Fact That It Made An AWESOME Liquor Cabinet

First of all, it just looks cool as hell. Second of all... look at all that room! I have no idea where I'm going to keep my booze--or all of those glasses--in the new place.

5. The Paintjob

It may have taken two weeks and an obscene amount of masking tape, but I am still insanely proud of the paintjob I gave this place, particularly the livingroom. A year and a half later and I still smile whenever I look at it, largely due to...

6. Crown Moldings

Any way you slice it, crown moldings are awesome. When I was checking out the new apartment I caught a glimpse into another one as the tenant was heading in, and it still had the old moldings (covered in the requisite 80 layers of paint that every pre-war building in NYC seems to have). Mine has been remodeled which on one hand is great, but I'm sad that the moldings are gone. They just add a lovely touch of Old World elegance.

7. The Funky, Slope-y Ceiling in the Front of the House

When I first took the apartment, I was worried about the low ceilings--rather needlessly, considering I'm all of 5'3"--but once I got settled in I realized that they give the place a nice, cozy feeling.

8. How Great My Great-Grandmother's Painting Looks On This Wall

This painting is one of my most prized possessions, and hanging here on this wall, it just looks like this is the place it was meant to be. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling every time I look at it, and I will genuinely miss that.

Coming up Next (before I wind up sobbing in a ball on the floor)... Things I Won't Miss About My Apartment!


sequined said...

It is so bittersweet to move, but you'll make your new place YOURS and it'll be another good phase of your life. Be optimistic!

Belle said...

Im in the middle of one of these for what Ill miss about australia.

Having to leave sucks.

Penny said...

That kitchen window looks so nice with the loads of sunlight and very green plants (all my apartment plants are really dull,because they don't get lots of sun).I can see why that is a thing you'd miss a lot.Our apartment is also quite dark,and EXTREMELY small.But we're lucky,because it's on the ground,so our kitten can go outside and be crazy.But your Psycho Kitty will adjust.They usually do.Good luck with the whole moving thing,I hope everything goes well,I do not envy you right now.I hate packing/unpacking too.

Lily said...

That looks like it's been a pretty great space for you! And your liquor stash is impressive!

amy said...

You know what I will miss most when you move? YOU! Meaning how close you are to me, how easy it is to meet up, etc. But I am guessing we will still meet up, no matter how far away we are from one another ... We'll just now be meeting in the city instead of Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely painting! your space looks so cozy! and oh man, 2 windows??? how are you gonna deal?!