Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pop Quiz

It's Halloween and you are in a bar, hitting on a girl in an elaborate costume. You ask for her number. She declines. You,

a.) shrug it off and continue making polite conversation, hoping to change her mind with your natural charms;

b.) go find someone less resistant, and more drunk, to hit on;

c.) start talking about how much you hate Halloween, because of the way other bars (not the one you are in) handle the holiday, then get offended when she points out that the problem seems to be yours, and that you shouldn't blame the holiday because you make poor choices of location in which to celebrate, accuse her of being overly sensitive, and warn her that she shouldn't get too excited about some things, or she won't have enough energy left over for other things in her life.

I'll just let you mull that over. Go ahead, take your time. Tune in tomorrow to learn the answer that absolutely will NOT get you in my pants, plus more Halloweeny goodness...


Airam said...

Haha! Some people are just fantastically stupid.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Let's work in reverse....

c) Maybe he was genuinely concerned about your tendency to spread yourself too thin?

b) Maybe he is working the "jealous" angle.

a) Obviously this won't happen, it was probably too late in the night of drinking to realize this option.

Princess Pointful said...

Ahhhh.... the guy who is genuinely angry about REAL things... not being shot down or anything. Don't flatter yourself that, you know, he likes you or anything.