Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Really, Really, Really Love Greenmarket

Only $7 and my apartment smells FANTASTIC.

(That's eucalyptus, by the way...all I need now is a koala bear.)

Tangent. Does anyone else remember the cartoon about the magic koala bear who lived in a tree outside some girl's bedroom, and could travel to some rainbow-land type place where there was a crazy lizard who ran around on his hind legs? What was that show called anyway? It's been bugging me all day!! End Tangent.

I also got a beautiful bouquet of Zinnias for $4 from the same place. Oh, and did I mention that the farmer boy who sold them to me was hot? Mmmmm...

What? Sorry, got a bit distracted.

Anyway, with all the new plantlife (and a newly cleared off diningroom table) my apartment looks so cheerful!

Sadly not cheerful enough to unpack itself. I think that would require more flowers than my budget would support.

Bet that magic koala could clean this place right up. Too bad I don't have one. Sigh...

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Erin said...

So this post is like 2 years old, but I stumbled on it, and I think the show was "The Noozles". The stuffed koala that the red-headed girl would rub noses with and it came to life and hung out in the tree outside her window?

Cuz my life would not be complete without sharing that information. Sigh. Slow day at the office :)