Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rob the Cradle of Love

I don't think I should be allowed in front of a computer before I'm fully awake.

On a whim, I just looked to see if Maybe Crush has a MySpace page. He does. It's set to private, but I was still able to see that he is YOUNG. Younger than Friend of A. Yikes!!

Don't get me wrong, it's not illegal or anything, and it's not like he needs to worry about getting carded, but still... and I don't mean to sound all "oh, I'm such an old fart" or anything, but if I consider the person I am now vs. the person I was at his age, well, there's quite a big difference. A lot can happen in a few short years.

Then again, when I was his age I was screwing around in NYC with no direction in my life getting drunk all the time--he's in grad school.

Then again, the last guy I fooled around with who was his age--and a grad student--later called me an "older woman"! Wow. Way to stoke a gal's ego there pal.

In conclusion, I am not totally writing him off or anything--he's still damned cute--this is just a minor setback.

Things have a tendency to get blown out of proportion before I've finished my morning coffee.


Princess of the Universe said...

Did you ask to be his friend on Myspace?

the frog princess said...

No, I did not. Didn't want to play the cyber-stalker card just yet...

Princess Pointful said...

Psshhhhh (that's my sound of nonchalance)- I think the simple fact that he is in grad school says that he has to be at least a little stable.
(I try to tell myself that because I use graduate school as my false justification of adulthood)